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Young East Germans still feel the after-effects of a divided Germany today. Although Generation Z (born 1997 - 2012) only knows a united Germany, they are still shaped by the upheavals of over 30 years ago . The biographies of young East Germans are still shaped by structural differences between East and West as well as factual differences in social recognition and representation. In encounters with peers from the old federal states, different realities of life often collide.
A confrontation with one's own - East German - identity begins.


(K)einheit wants to provide a space for this debate. As film project, we show 10 young perspectives on a united Germany and the East. In our political work, we explore the culture of remembrance and (East) German identities - and we shine a light on East German issues in the wider social discourse. Our goal is a shared dialogue - across generations and supposed inner-German borders.

Dreh der Dokumentation (K)Einheit - Wie die Gen Z über den Osten denkt

Bild: Uwe Löscher | Fotografie

The film project shows perspectives on a united Germany from young people who never knew the division. Learn about the feeling of inner conflict between Western and Eastern ideals and of perspective (or lack of perspective) in the East.

Start a conversation about East German identities - bring East German perspectives into the conversation!

In the social project, we create dialogue formats between the generations: e.g. in workshops, on podiums and panels or during film discussions.


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